ASAP Duty Scheme

This guide explains how the ASAP Duty Scheme works.


ASAP Duty Scheme gives free representation and advice to people with asylum support appeal hearings. Appeals happen when the Home Office decides you cannot have (or continue having) housing and money payments, and you write to the Asylum Support Tribunal to say the Home Office decision is wrong.

Representation’ means an ASAP advocate takes part in your appeal hearing. They write and/or talk to the Judge for you.

Stage 1: 

Stage 2: 

Stage 3: 

Stage 4:

Stage 5:

Advocate on phone

Stage 6

Stage 7:

Stage 8:

Stage 9:


Your case with ASAP is now finished. If you need more help after the appeal, your ASAP advocate will suggest other charities to contact near where you live.


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