Guide to appealing a decision to stop or refuse asylum support: section 4 or section 95

About ASAP

  • ASAP is short for Asylum Support Appeals Project.
  • We are a small legal charity working on asylum support matters. Asylum support is housing and money payments the Home Office gives to asylum seekers in the UK.
  • We are independent (completely separate) from the Home Office and the Asylum Support Tribunal.
  • We offer free representation and advice for appeals against the Home Office refusing or stopping housing and money payments. Read ASAP Duty Scheme to find out what this means. See the ASAP guides below for important information about asylum support appeals.


  • To get free representation or advice, you need to make a referral to ASAP. An advice agency can do this for you, or you can refer yourself. How to make a referral to ASAP explains what you need to do. 
  • If you are living in Scotland your lawyer might be able to represent you at your appeal. If your lawyer cannot help you, you can still make a referral to ASAP. 
  • ASAP cannot help everyone who contacts us. Making a referral does not mean ASAP will help with your appeal. We reply to say if ASAP is able to represent or advise you.
  • Even if you ask for ASAP representation, still try to contact an advice agency near where you live as soon as possible. Ask if they can help you complete the Notice of Appeal form and prepare your case.

ASAP cannot

  • Represent or advise on your asylum claim, or any immigration matters. Look for an asylum/immigration lawyer on Right to Remain.
  • Help you write the Notice of Appeal form – look for an advice agency near you. See ASAP Duty Scheme for what help we offer, if we accept your referral.
  • Speak to you about your case, until we accept your referral. Our Advice Line is only for professional advisers.


These guides help you understand important information about asylum support appeals:

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