Example 1: Home Office says I am not destitute

To get section 95 support or section 4 support, you must be destitute. This means you do not have anywhere to live and/or money to support yourself for 14 days (if you are not getting asylum support).

Some ideas for how to show you are destitute include: housing, bank accounts, UK travel visa, food & money.



  • Explain where you have been living, and any problems with your housing.
  • If people let you stay somewhere, ask them to write a signed and dated letter which explains why you left or must leave now. 


Bank accounts:

  • If you have bank accounts in the UK or abroad, get bank statements for the last 6 months.
  • Explain all money going in and out of £50.00 or more.
  • If you cannot use your accounts or get statements, explain why.
  • If online banking is not possible, say why. If you emailed your bank asking for statements, send a copy of this to the Tribunal.


UK travel visa:

  • If your visa application says you have money, explain why your situation has now changed, or why you never had that money.
  • Did you arrange your visa, or did an agent get it for you?
  • What information was sent in support of your visa application?


Food & Money:

  • Explain any food or money you have been given.
  • If people or charities have helped you, ask for signed and dated letters saying what they have given you and for how long. 


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