Example 3: Home Office says I have breached conditions

To keep getting section 95 support or section 4 support, you must follow some rules.

These rules are called support conditions. For example, you must keep living at your Home Office address, reply to Home Office letters asking you for information, and not seriously disturb other people living in your house or flat.

If the Home Office thinks you have not followed these rules, it will stop you support and say you have ‘breached conditions’. For this type of appeal, think about: 

Warning letter:

  • Before the Home Office decides to stop your support, it must give you a final warning.
  • Did you get a warning letter from the Home Office? If not, explain this to the Tribunal.

The Home Office decision:

  • Is the Home Office information correct?
  • For example, if the Home Office says you stopped living at your support address, is that right?
  • ‚ÄčIf not, tell the Tribunal which part of the Home Office letter is wrong and why. Can you send any information from other people which shows why the Home Office is wrong?

How long your breach lasted:

  • If you did not follow all the rules of support, how many times did this happen? How long did it last?
  • If it was only one time, or did not last long, explain this to the Tribunal.

A good reason for your breach:

  • If you did not follow all the rules of support, is there a good reason why you did not?

If your support is stopped:

  • If you lose your support, will you have nowhere to live and/or no money to support yourself? If so, explain this to the Tribunal. 


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