Section 1: Appellants information


‘Your Home Office Support reference number’

This number is in the top right corner of the Home Office letter which says you cannot have (or continue having) support. Look for the words ‘Asylum Support Reference’. 

'Current address + contact details'

If you are travelling to the tribunal in London for your appeal the Home Office will send travel tickets before your hearing date. You must give an address or email where these can be delivered. Or, you must tell them from which rail or bus station will you start your journey from.


Key points

It is important to give an email address, if you have one. The Tribunal will normally send you information by email, which is quicker than post. This gives you more time to reply to the Directions Notice (a Tribunal instruction to send more information about your case).

If you don’t have an email address the Tribunal will send you information by letter. Give an address where you are able to receive letters in the post. You cannot have a phone oral hearing if you do not provide your phone number.

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