Tip 1: Reply to the Directions Notice

What is the Directions Notice?

  • The Directions Notice is a set of instructions to you and the Home Office. It tells you the date, time and type of hearing the Tribunal has chosen for your appeal.
  • The instructions usually ask you to send extra information and documents (your evidence) to the Tribunal before your hearing takes place. The Directions Notice gives you a deadline (date and time) for your reply.


If you can, reply to the Directions Notice by email ( If you send your response by post, it may not reach the Tribunal in time.

The Directions Notice also tells you to send your reply to the Home Office. It gives you the Home Office email address to do this.

Why is it important to reply to the Directions Notice?

It shows you are being helpful and open with the Tribunal. This improves your credibility (the Judge believing what you say or write) for your appeal hearing. It also guarantees the Judge has time to look at any extra information or documents you did not send with your Notice of Appeal.


Think of the Directions Notice as a helpful checklist. It tells you what information a Judge considers important for deciding your appeal.

It helps you understand if you are missing any important evidence. You can then get the evidence. Or, if you cannot get the evidence, you can explain why not. You can also plan how to explain your situation without this evidence.

What if I need more time to get extra evidence?

It is best to send evidence by the deadline. But you can ask the Tribunal for more time, if you need this.

Ask for more time by sending an email to Explain why you need more time and what extra evidence you hope to get.  A Judge will decide if you can have more time. The Tribunal will let you know what the Judge decides.

What if the Directions Notice asks for evidence I cannot get, even with more time?

If you cannot send the Tribunal information it asks for, explain in your reply to the Directions Notice:

You can still win your appeal, even if you are unable to send all the information the Tribunal asks for.

I asked for an oral hearing, but the Directions Notice says my appeal will be decided ‘on the papers’. Can I try to change it to an oral hearing?

Yes. If you still want an oral hearing, you can ask the Tribunal again. To do this, send the Tribunal an email (

In your email, explain the reason(s) why it is important that you have an oral hearing. Depending on your situation, this may include:

What type of extra information/documents does the Directions Notice ask for?

Every case is different – read your Directions Notice carefully (or ask someone you trust to read it), so you fully understand what the Tribunal is asking for. But seeexamples of the type of extra evidence the Tribunal may ask for and tips on how to reply:


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