Video hearing


Information about:

Before the hearing

You will need access to a computer or mobile device with a good internet speed and somewhere quiet and private to speak.

You may want to see if you can use the office of a support worker for the hearing.

Make sure you have good connection and your computer, laptop or device is charged/plugged in. Be ready 15 minutes before the hearing start time (written on your ‘Notice of Hearing’).

How to join the hearing 

The Tribunal sends you instructions on how to join the hearing. These joining instructions should be emailed to you. If you want a video hearing you must provide an email address on the notice of appeal. Make sure you understand the instructions before the day of your hearing.

The Judge starts the video call. 

Occasionally, the Judge may call a little later than the hearing start time. But if the Judge is 1 hour late, call the Tribunal (0800 681 6509) to ask if there is a problem.

Taking part in the hearing

Make sure you understand what is said to you. If you need something to be repeated or explained more, let the Judge know.

Getting your Decision Notice

You should get your Decision Notice (Judge’s 1 page decision) emailed to you on the day of your hearing. This paper is important because it proves what the Judge has decided.

At the end of the hearing, the Judge may explain how the Decision Notice will be sent to you. If the Judge does not, ask them how and when you will get it.

Emergency accommodation

If you win your appeal and have nowhere to sleep that night, tell the Judge. You may be able to get emergency accommodation from the Home Office. You may need to travel to a different city or town to get ermergency accommodation. The Home Office would arrange this for you.

Children and childcare

The Home Office or the Tribunal do not provide any childcare options for oral hearings. If possible, try to arrange childcare for when your hearing takes place. This lets you think about the hearing without any distraction.