Guide to writing the appeal form

This guide explains how to write the ‘Notice of Appeal’ form. If an advice agency is not helping you, use this guide when you are writing the form.


  • Before Covid-19, the Tribunal decided most appeals face-to-face in London. Some appeals were by video link. As well as oral hearings, the Tribunal also did paper hearings. To understand what 'oral hearing' and 'paper hearing' means, see 'Section 4' and What happens on the day of your hearing.
  • Covid-19 means that since March 2020, face-to-face appeals in London are not happening. For now, oral hearings happen by phone. Paper hearings now happen more often. This Tribunal guide has more information.
  • Some points for 'Section 1', 'Section 4' and 'Section 6' of the form are for when face-to-face appeals start happening again.     

The Notice of Appeal form