Face-to-face hearing


Information about:

Getting to London and back

The Home Office must send you a travel tickets for getting to London and back. You will usually travel to London by train.

You also use the travel tickets on London ‘Underground’ or DLR trains to go to/from the London train station and the Tribunal. The nearest station to the Tribunal is East India Dock (on the ‘DLR’ line). See how to get to the Tribunal from Euston Station or King’s Cross Station.

The tickets are normally sent to you by post. But you may need to collect them from your local train station. If you do not have travel tickets 1 day before your travel day to London, report this to Migrant Help (0808 8010 503) and the Tribunal (0800 681 6509).

If you live far away from London

If your appeal is in the morning, you may be given a travel ticket for the day before your hearing.

If the Home Office gives you a ticket for the day before your hearing, you sleep that night at Barry House. Barry House is a Home Office hostel in East Dulwich, South London.

What to bring with you / Emergency accommodation

Bring all papers the Tribunal has asked you for. For example, bank statements or letters from charities.

Also bring any other documents that you want to show to the Judge. You may have already sent the Tribunal some documents (in your reply to the Directions Notice). But bringing all your papers means you know the Judge will see all your evidence.

If you have a section 4 appeal:

You may want to bring all your clothes and personal items to the Tribunal if:

  • the Home Office has refused support
  • you have nowhere to sleep that night

If you win your appeal, you can stay at the Barry House hostel in London. This is only until the Home Office arranges your section 4 housing. Going to Barry House does not mean you will get section 4 housing in London.

To stay at Barry House, you need all your clothes and personal items with you. This is because you must go to Barry House the same day as your appeal. The Home Office will not pay for you to collect clothes/items from where you were living before the appeal.

Note: If you win your appeal, you do not have to go to Barry House. You can travel back to where you have been living. You may want to do this, if you have an appointment with your doctor or lawyer. But it is very important to think where you will stay, while you wait for section 4 housing. We cannot say when the Home Office will give you section 4 housing. It is usually at least 2-3 weeks, and maybe longer.

Arriving at the Tribunal

Get to the Tribunal 1 hour before your hearing start time. The Home Office books your train so you can arrive at the Tribunal early.

The Tribunal is in Import Building (see photo at top of this guide). The address is 2 Clove Crescent, London E14 2BE. See this Court and Tribunal page for more information. Go to Main Reception to sign in.

The Tribunal Reception is on the 2nd floor. Look for the sign ‘Reception A’. Security staff will check you and your bag. Go to the reception desk. Say your name to the Tribunal clerk (a person who works at the Tribunal) sitting at the desk. If no one is there, wait until someone comes to speak to you. 

Before the hearing

When the Tribunal clerk knows you have arrived, sit in the reception area. If an ASAP advocate is your representative, they will meet you there. They will ask you to go to a smaller room, where you can talk about your appeal in private.

If you do not have a representative, wait in the reception room for a Tribunal clerk to say your name. They will ask if you have more papers to give to the Judge. When the Judge is ready to start the hearing, the Tribunal clerk will take you from the reception area to a hearing room. Make sure your phone is switched off for the hearing.

Hearing room
One of the Tribunal's hearing rooms

What a Tribunal hearing room looks like

The Tribunal room is a normal room with a large table. Everyone sits around the table during the appeal.

Food and water

The reception area has a drinking water machine. Water is also available for you during the hearing.

You will not be given any food at the Tribunal. You may be at the Tribunal for a long time. Bring some food with you, if you can. If you have money to buy food, there are a small number of shops near the Tribunal.

Children and Childcare

The Home Office or the Tribunal do not provide childcare options for oral hearings. If your hearing is in London and family or friends come with you, they can sit with your children in the reception area. If not, your children must go into the hearing with you. This may stop you from giving the hearing your full attention.

If possible, try to arrange childcare instead of bringing your children to the Tribunal. We understand this may be difficult, especially if you are making a long journey to London. If family or friends cannot look after your children, or making a long journey to London with your children is difficult, tell the Tribunal on your Notice of Appeal form. See Section 1 of Guide to writing the appeal form. Ask the Tribunal if you can have a video link hearing.

Breastfeeding and baby changing

If you want to breastfeed in private, a room will be made available for you.

There is no special space for nappy changing, so bring a changing mat if you can.

Prayer room

A prayer room is available for you to use.