Section 5: Grounds of Appeal


Grounds of Appeal are your reasons for why the Home Office decision is wrong, and why you should get asylum support.

Tip: Give clear, specific reasons why you disagree with the Home Office letter.

How do I write this section?  

Make sure you understand why the Home Office has refused or stopped your asylum support. If reading English is difficult, ask someone you trust to explain what the Home Office letter says.

See 3 example reasons the Home Office often give for refusing or stopping asylum support. If one of these reasons is in your Home Office letter, look at that example for ideas on how to write your Grounds of Appeal.

 Importantthese are only example ideas. You must think and write about your own situation.

Example 1: 'not destitute'

Example 2: 'able to leave the UK'

Example 3: 'breach of conditions'


Do I need to write a lot of detail?

No. If writing English is difficult, it is ok to write a few sentences which explain why you are making the appeal. If you have an oral hearing, you can use the interpreter to explain your case in more detail when you speak to the Judge.

I hope to get more documents that explain my situation. Should I delay sending the appeal form until I get these?

No. It is better to send your Notice of Appeal to the Tribunal in time. Remember, the time limit is 3 days after you get the Home Office letter (not including Saturday or Sunday). Write on the form what documents you are trying to get and say you hope to send them to the Tribunal as soon as possible.

Can I give the Tribunal more information after I send the appeal form?

Yes. After the Tribunal receives your Notice of Appeal, it sends you a Directions Notice. The Tribunal Directions Notice usually asks you to send more information for your appeal. It is very important you reply to the Directions Notice. The Tribunal gives you a deadline (a time and day) for when you must reply. See tip 1 of Preparing for your appeal for more information.

Do I write any other information in Section 5 of the form?

It depends on your situation.

If you want an oral hearing, write your reasons in this section. Tell the Tribunal that you are able to take part in an oral hearing. Tell the Tribunal why you need an oral hearing.

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