ASAP Asylum Support Appeals Project


Policy Work

Asylum support is a legal entitlement that asylum seekers have.  And yet, asylum seekers find it extremely difficult to exercise their legal right to food and shelter.

ASAP’s aim is to protect this legal entitlement which is often neglected or misunderstood, leading to mal-administration of the system and causing unnecessary destitution of asylum seekers.  ASAP is extremely concerned that there has been a serious lack of recognition by the Home Office and by the asylum sector that asylum seekers’ entitlement to support is stipulated by law and, as such, asylum support must be provided in accordance with this law.

ASAP’s strength lies in our ability to combine the evidence collected from our tribunal representation work, our second-tier advice work and legal expertise on asylum support issues to lobby for better asylum support and asylum support appeals systems and procedures.  We produce dossiers and research, advocate at various stakeholder meetings and issue pre-action letters (i.e. warnings that legal actions will be taken unless the practice is remedied) to create a positive change for asylum seekers.

We have been working on many issues including the following:

  • The Home Office’s severe delays in providing support to destitute refused asylum seekers after successful asylum support appeals
  • Poor quality of asylum support decision making by the Home Office
  • The Home Office’s treatment of refused asylum seekers who are unable to leave the UK
  • Lack of public funding for asylum support appeals
  • Asylum support issues particularly relevant to vulnerable women

Please see ASAP’s News & Newsletters for the latest asylum support updates and information, and links to our research reports and responses to government consultations.

For more information about ASAP’s policy, lobbying and research work, please contact us.