About ASAPWe protect asylum seekers’ legal rights to food and shelter

What we do

We reduce destitution amongst asylum seekers by protecting their legal rights to food and shelter. ASAP carries out three types of work:

  1. We offer free, high-quality legal representation and advice to asylum seekers and refused asylum seekers appealing to the Asylum Support Tribunal against the Home Office decisions to refuse or discontinue their housing, financial subsistence, or both.
  2. We provide asylum support advice and training to frontline organisations, advice agencies and legal practitioners working with asylum seekers. We provide a range of training options and operate a second-tier Advice Line for advisers.
  3. Policy, lobbying and litigation to improve policies and procedures on asylum support.

Our vision and values

Who we work with

We work with people who have been forced to flee their home countries and seek safety in the UK who then find themselves destitute, and in need of food and shelter. We also work with organisations around the UK working with persons seeking asylum who are in need of support.   

The impact of our work

We commissioned an external evaluation of the impact of our work over a ten year period.  The full report can be found here

From 2005 - 2015 we achieved the following:

Our strategic goals 2019 – 2024

  1. Increasing quality representation and dignity at the Asylum Support Tribunal for all asylum seekers.
  2. Ensuring asylum seekers across the UK have access to quality advice and information in relation to their legal rights to food and shelter.
  3. Tackling the root causes of destitution through policy, lobbying and litigation.
  4. To develop a well-resourced and purposeful organisation for the benefit of asylum seekers and the agencies supporting them.

Please note that ASAP does not give immigration advice and ASAP is unable to give advice to individual asylum seekers.

If you need advice about your immigration status please contact a regulated advisor. To find your nearest regulated immigration adviser please click here. If you are an asylum seeker and need advice about your housing or financial support from the Home Office you should go to your nearest advice agency and ask an adviser to contact us. ASAP is independent from government, including the UK Border Agency. All queries are treated in confidence.

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