Support for asylum seekersExplore the the support available to people whose claims for asylum are ongoing.

People seeking asylum are excluded from claiming mainstream welfare benefits and in most cases from working. They can access support in the form of housing and/or basic living expenses while in the UK through a scheme administered by the Home Office. This support scheme was set up by the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 and provides two support packages – support for those whose asylum claims are ongoing and support for refused asylum seekers. 

Factsheet 1 - Section 95 Support

This Factsheet deals with the support available to people whose claims for asylum are ongoing – Section 95 support (s95 support). Updated May 2022.

Factsheet 17 - s98 support

Section 98 support is a form of temporary support that is provided to asylum-seekers who appear to be destitute and who have applied for s95 support and are awaiting a decision. This factsheet explores who is eligible and how to apply. Updated Nov 2018.

Factsheet 9 - Extra payments (s4 & s95)

Pregnant women and parents with dependent children are entitled to receive some extra payments to their support package. People with an ‘exceptional’ need for additional support can also apply for extra payments. This factsheet provides an overview of these payments and a guide on how to apply for them. Updated Oct 2018

Factsheet 15 - Suspending, delaying or reducing s95 payments and back payments of support

This factsheet looks at when the Home Office can and may suspend or reduce the cash support given to those in receipt of s95 support. It also explores when the Home Office might issue a back payment. Updated September 2018