ASAP Asylum Support Appeals Project


Women’s Project

j-paul-getty-jnrComic ReliefFunded by Comic Relief and the J Paul Getty Charitable Trust our women’s project has been running since April 2008. The project’s remit is to address the asylum support needs of vulnerable female asylum seekers, particularly those who have experienced gender related violence.


The project has three main objectives which are:

  1. To ensure that destitute female asylum seekers, who are victims of sexual violence, are assisted to make successful applicationsfor support
  2. To increase awareness and knowledge of asylum support law amongst organisations providing advice to women asylum seekers
  3. To bring about improvements to the support system for female asylum seekers so that it recognises the particular difficulties they face and is more responsive to their needs

To achieve these objectives the project is engaged in a number of activities.  These include:

  • Targeting women who are appealing to the Asylum Support Tribunal (AST)
  • Encouraging organisations to refer women to us for representation at their appeal to the AST
  • Providing training to women’s organisations on asylum support entitlement and the right to appeal
  • Providing briefings and factsheets on asylum support issues that are particularly relevant to women asylum seekers
  • Lobbying UKBA to improve asylum support provision for women

How we can help your organisation



If you would like to refer a female client who has an appeal at the AST, please click here. If you have questions about supporting a female asylum seeker or failed asylum seeker around asylum support, please ring our Advice Line on 020 3716 0283 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2-4pm.  We can also provide advice on all aspects of asylum support entitlement, including support for pregnant refused asylum seeking women or for those with children.


Specialist training and advice

If you want to discuss our women’s project in more detail or arrange training with a focus on supporting women who are seeking asylum, please contact us here, or ring us on 020 3716 0284.

Please note that ASAP does not offer appointments at our office, so please do not direct your clients to our office.