FactsheetsEasy-to-use resources for anyone with questions about asylum support

While the information in the fact sheets below is not designed to substitute advice or representation, this information can help you to understand the asylum support system.

If you have questions about the information in any of the fact sheets please call our Advice Line, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2 – 4pm on 020 3716 0283.

You may also find it useful to have a look at our information guides for people who have an upcoming asylum support appeal.  These guides walk appellants thrrough the asylum support appeals process. 

If you or your organisation is in need of more information about asylum support, consider attending one of our trainings or contact us to arrange a bespoke in-house training session.

If you are an experienced advisor looking for more detailed information on specific asylum support issues please have a look at our briefing notes


Factsheet 1 - Section 95 Support

Factsheet 2 - Section 4 support

factsheet 3 - Appealing to the Asylum Support Tribunal

Factsheet 4 - Filling in the Notice of Appeal

Factsheet 5 - Proving destitution

Factsheet 6 - Evidence for Section 4 appeals

Factsheet 7 - After a Negative Appeal Decision

Factsheet 8 - s4 support for pregnant refused asylum seekers

Factsheet 9 - Extra payments (s4 & s95)

Factsheet 11 - Asylum support for dependants

Factsheet 12 - Section 4 and Human Rights

Factsheet 13 - Introduction to Judicial Review

Factsheet 15 - Suspending, delaying or reducing s95 payments and back payments of support

Factsheet 16 - Accommodation after a successful Section 4 appeal

Factsheet 17 - s98 support

Factsheet 18 - Asylum Support for Survivors of Domestic Abuse