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ASAP Webinars – What Do I Need to Know?


Thank you for your interest in learning more about ASAP’s free webinars on asylum support!


This page provides more information about ASAP’s webinars, what to expect when you attend a webinar, and how to get ready to effectively participate in our webinars.


For more information about dates and topics of forthcoming ASAP webinars, click here.


What is a webinar?


A webinar is a live meeting that takes place over the web.  The meeting is chaired by a presenter, who may deliver a presentation, or lead participants in a discussion or participatory activities. 


Participants can view the webinar on their computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones, and share audio and video over their devices so that they can listen to the presenter and participate in discussions.


What can I expect from ASAP’s webinars?


ASAP’s webinars run for approximately 1½ hours each and provide an overview of selected topics in asylum support through a combination of lecture, discussion and other interactive activities. 


Participants will listen to the presenter explain content appearing on their screens (similar to watching a slide presentation), and then will be invited to ask questions or participate in a discussion by typing in a chat box.  There will also be some activities during which participants will be invited to “vote” on questions by clicking or typing their answers in “polls” that will appear on their screens.

All webinars will also end with a Q&A (question and answer) session, during which participants will have an opportunity to ask any further questions they have about the material covered.


Are the webinars recorded?

No, the webinars will not be recorded.


Will I receive training materials if I attend the webinar?

Yes, attendees will be able to download a copy of the slide presentation and other selected training materials, during and after each webinar.


What is the best place to attend a webinar?

You should try to find a quiet place to attend the webinar, where you will not be interrupted and you are not distracting others.

If you are attending in a shared workspace, you may wish to consider using headphones (instead of speakers) for clearer audio.

You should also ensure that your device has good, reliable access to the internet in the place that you will be attending the webinar (see below for more on broadband speed).


How do I know if my broadband access is fast enough to participate in a webinar?

We recommend that you have a broadband speed of at least 512 kbps to participate in ASAP’s webinars. 

If you would like to test your broadband speed, there are a number of free online utilities that you can find by searching for “broadband speed checkers” or “bandwidth test” that will run a 2-3 minute test on your computer or device and provide you with a report on your current speed.

Remember that 1 Mbps (megabit per second) is equivalent to 1000 kpbs (kilobits per second), so if your speed is 1Mbps or more, this should be fast enough to participate in our webinars.


Do I need to install any software to participate?

No, ASAP webinars run on ClickMeeting, which is a web-based meeting hosting service.  This means that you do not need to install software to participate in the webinar, and you access the webinar by clicking on a link which opens your web browser.

You do, however, need to have a recent version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your PC or Mac, and you should also check your device meets the hardware and software requirements (see here).

You will also need to have speakers or headphones, so that you can hear the presenter speaking during the webinar.


Who do I contact for help?

If you have any further questions about attending an ASAP webinar, please contact us by email at office@asaproject.org.uk.   You can also reach us on 020 3716 0284.


If you are experiencing technical issues with ClickMeeting, please contact ClickMeeting IT support at support@clickmeeting.com.  They also have a LiveChat support line available here and a telephone support line available on 020 0222 7766