Covid-19 guidanceDocuments about Covid-19 and asylum support

21-04-29 (SS-A) AM, 3(2)(e) due to covid

Home Office temporary asylum support cessation guidance March 21

AST arrangements during Covid 2.10.20

AST Help for Users during Covid 2.10.20

Amended Pilot Practice Direction 14.9.20

AST Road Map to Recovery 11.6.20

April 2020 - Briefing note - Asylum Support Tribunal procedures during the Covid-19 pandemic (annexes below)

Annex 1 - Pilot Practice Direction (PD) from the Senior President of Tribunals 13.3.20

Annex 2 - FTT-AS arrangements on the PD from the AST’s Principal Judge Storey 31.3.20

Annex 3 - FTT-AS letter to the AST user group 6.4.20

Annex 4 - FTT-AS Covid-19 appeal process internal instructions 6.4.20

Annex 5 - The Tribunal Procedure (Coronavirus) (Amendment) Rules 2020 rule 4

Annex 6 - FTT-AS template Directions Notice

Home Office letter to British Red Cross 27.03.20